Remarks :

- 01) : In some Discussion Forums, I have been criticized for not wanting to accept a copy of some of the photos published on my Site.
I specify that not only is this false, but those who asked me did not want to do it by accepting the Copyright displayed, and have not contacted me again.
On the other hand, many of these photos were entrusted to me on a personal basis, and required without granting copies, so, in a lot of cases I have no choice and must respect this deal.

- 02) : In some discussion forums, I am sometimes reproached also for not wanting to accept Links to other Sites of the same type, you should know that it is only because of the refusal
(Categorical !) Of my local Server d accommodation to accept them, that this is not possible.
Even a simple visitor counter, even a page of "Internet e-mails" is refused to me, because my Site was "manufactured" originally using the "Frontpage" Software, generator, supposedly, of "viral" problems , which my Server-Host absolutely wants to protect !.
Believe me, I'm the first sorry !.

- 03) : In some Discussion Forums, I am sometimes also criticized for the excessive use of certain "Capital letters", even some "0" !.
For these "Capital letters" at the beginning of certain words, or even these "0" in front of certain numbers, these are simply "Personal options" used to "underline" (Visually) certain words, such as "markers", in a way, rather than a "Personal Style" !.

- 04) : In some Discussion Forums, some of those who denigrate me would do a lot of "sweeping" outside their door, because there are some who have a Personal Site that deserves a little "revision", if only, already, for the orthographic "correction" !.

Question 01 : How to get the Book of J. M. CHATENAY ?.
Reply 01 :
At the Webmaster, by clicking on the Page : [REGLES].

Question 02 : How to Pay for a Book or Shell Order ?.
Reply 02 :
At the Webmaster, by clicking on the Page : [REGLES].

Question 03 : What are the Contractual Rules between a possible Customer and the Seller ?.
Reply 03 :
At the Webmaster, by clicking on the Page : [REGLES].

Question 04 : What is the quality of the Photos offered on this Site ?.
Reply 04 : All available Photos are all in Jpg / Jpeg Digital Format.
Attention : The colors of the Photos displayed are often more intense than those of the original shots.

Question 05 : Why the Captions of some Photos are illegible ?.
Reply 05 :
Because many of them are not in full display, you have to click on them with the mouse (Zoom +) to correct the visual aspect.

Question 06 : What happens to the Documents given and / or entrusted to the Webmaster for a possible publication on the Site ?.
Reply 06 :
All Documents (Manuscripts, E-mails, Letters, Books, Photos, even Others) coming from whoever: Visitors, Internet users, Foreigners, Quidams, Friends, Buddies, Knowledge, anyone, will be accepted after verifications of usage, and in fact will then remain the full and entire property of the Webmaster, who may, if he deems them consistent with the purpose of his Site, make the decision to publish them or not, in whatever form.